Martina Maguire, Organise Me NI

Coming from a marketing and events background, organising is what we do. From devising a marketing plan to prioritising the housework, from planning a shopping centre launch and awards ceremony to organising weddings and numerous birthday, anniversary and kids’ parties, we’ve done it all, enjoyed it all and most importantly…we are good at it!

We’ve worked with large and small budgets. We can research and negotiate the best prices for products and services. We know the best suppliers for almost everything you can imagine, and if we don’t…then we will get to know the people we need to and take all the hard work and stress away for our clients.

We’ve also been involved in the wedding industry for over 6 years and have a wealth of experience in choosing the perfect dress, hiring wedding cars, choosing the best photographer, selecting the perfect venue, searching for the creative florist and adding a touch of magic with the best room dressers.

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