Organise Me NI is an exciting new lifestyle management service in Northern Ireland available to men, women, families and businesses who need a helping hand to complete those time consuming jobs ‘Making Your Life Easier’
How Can We Help?

We can help with any project you just cant find time to get around to;

  • Party planning
  • Wedding planning
  • Finding the perfect gift
  • Finding the perfect family holiday
  • Selling your ‘clutter’
  • Discover more..
Who Can We Help?

We can help everyone to achieve more..

Why Choose Us?


We can take away the time required and stress associated with the projects you simply can’t get around to, but which are an important part of your life.


With our extensive experience in event planning, marketing, researching, negotiating and selling, our clients will benefit from our expertise across many areas.


Our pricing structure is based on a project by project basis and we endeavour to deliver the best possible service to our clients in line with their project brief and within the agreed budget.

All of our projects are strictly confidential unless advised otherwise by our clients for our testimonial section

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